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        Production Cost and Profit Analysis of Chicken Manure Dryer with capacity 22-25 tons per day

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        After being dried by chicken manure dryer , chicken manure can be used as fertilizer, animal feed. Here Sunco Machinery Engineer makes one report about the Production Cost and Profit Analysis of Chicken Manure Dryer with capacity 22-25 tons per day. 

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        Production Cost and Profit Analysis of Chicken Manure Dryer:

        Here we take diameter 1.8m, length 12m chicken manure dryer as one sample. Daily capacity is 22-25 tons. Related equipments includes Hot air furnace, screw conveyor, discharge feeder, high efficiency cyclone dust collector, Induced draft fan, blower, air duct tube, rotation speed adjustable motor, motor, reducer machine, chimney, electric control box, etc.  

        Floor size : 25x8m, total power: 35.7kw, daily coal consumption 2.5-3t, daily work 24 hours, needs 6 workers.

        Here we make the dried chicken manure capacity to be 9 tons per day.

        Fresh chicken manure needed per day: 60 RMB X 62.5 CBM (In China, it is about 60 RBM PER CBM FRESH CHICKEN MANURE) = 3750 RMB

        Electricity Consumption per day: 35.7kw x 0.7RMB X 24 Hours = 600 RMB

        Coal Consumption per day : 2.5 tons x 1000 RMB/ton = 2500 RMB

        Salary per day: 6 workers x 80RMB/worker = 480RMB

        Bags for dried chicken manure : 25RMB Per ton dried chicken manure x 25 tons = 625RMB

        Cost per day: 3750RMB +2500RMB + 600RMB +480RMB +625RMB= 7955RMB

        Cost per ton dried chicken manure : 7955RMB/25 Tons = 318.2RMB PER Ton dried chicken manure

        Market Price of Dried Chicken Manure is about 650 RMB PER TON.

        Sales Revenue per day: 650RMB X 25 TON = 16250 RMB

        Profit per day: 16250RMB - 7955 RMB = 8295RMB

        Profit per ton: 8295 RMB/ 25 TONS = 331.8 RMB

        If every year work 240 days, profit per year is : 240 x 8295= 1990800 RMB 

        Management Cost per year : 1990800 RMB x 5% = 99540 RMB

        Selling Expense per year : 1990800 RMB x 5% = 99540 RMB

        Pure profit per year : 1990800 -99540 - 99540 = 1791720RMB

        The above analysis is just for your reference. 

        Sunco Machinery supply:

        1. Design the most suitable chicken manure dryer for you ;

        2. Send engineer to guide the installation, and train your workers;

        3. Warranty period is one year, supply spare parts, maintenance service for the whole life.

        Welcome come to visit our factory at your convenience.

        For more information of chicken manure dryer, please email to : suncomachinery@hotmail.com  

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